One Million Community Health Workers

One Million Community Health Workers

Olivia Wilde In Senegal with 1 Million Health Workers

In late July, Olivia Wilde traveled to Senegal with the One Million campaign to see firsthand the lifesaving work of Community Health Workers in the region.  “I am thrilled to be a part of this campaign,” said Wilde. “It is essential that people not only see the work that is happening on the ground but also understand why this campaign is so central to improving global health. I’m so pleased that I have been invited to travel with health workers and see the work up close.”

Community health workers are integral parts of the overall health system and they are able to connect people in rural areas to necessary care. The scale-up of these community health worker programs is critical to meeting the health related Millennium Development Goals by 2015: Reduce child mortality, improve maternal health and combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases that are often preventable.

Olivia traveled with the RYOT news team and spent several days with community health workers going household to household, documenting their incredible stories. RYOT news also produced dispatches from the field and a fundraiser for the campaign.  This work is so critical and we are proud to have Olivia on board with the campaign. As she says, “this is a program by Africans, for Africans. One million community health workers across the continent, connecting communities and bringing health care to those who need it. This is seeing the end of extreme poverty in action.”

If you would like to take action in support of CHWs and earn free tickets to the Global Citizens Festival, sign up today. Third drawing takes place at midnight August 21, 2013. Find out more at

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