One Million Community Health Workers

One Million Community Health Workers

Ghana Completes the 1st CHW Roadmap With the 1mCHW Campaign

The One Million Community Health Workers (1mCHW) Campaign is pleased to present the Government of Ghana’s National Community Health Worker Program Operational Roadmap. The Campaign has worked closely with the Government of Ghana since April 2013 to develop a Roadmap for building a national community health worker cadre. The Roadmap details the technical model of… [ More ]

Celebrating Community Health Workers: A Look Back to 2013

As the second annual World Health Workers Week (April 7-11, 2014) draws to a close, we wish to look back at the ways in which community health workers (CHWs) have been honored over the past year – especially for their incredible power for aiding social and economic development through the health sector. In particular, the… [ More ]

World Health Worker Week: Join the Call to Action

It’s World Health Worker Week (WHWW)! WHWW was started two years ago to celebrate and call attention to the inspiring health workers across the globe who make health care a possibility. In addition to recognizing the important work of health workers, including community health workers (CHWs), this week is a time for advocating for human… [ More ]

Notes from the Field: CHW Community Mapping in Liberia

“For some of us that are far off from the clinic, the [gCHV] can reach us all the way in the bushes to make people stay healthy…You stay right there in the village, the people come to you to give you medicine. They teach us, make us to stay healthy, and make our surroundings clean.” … [ More ]

Notes from the Field: Overcoming Challenges in CHW Recruitment

Lwala Community Alliance is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to build the capacity of the people of North Kamagambo, Kenya to improve their own comprehensive well-being. One of the key programs is in community and preventive health. Lwala Community Alliance employs an extensive community health network which uses community members as the drivers and… [ More ]