One Million Community Health Workers

One Million Community Health Workers

CHWs & the 2014 Ebola Crisis: An Opportunity for Community-Level Care

Ebola viral disease is a severe, often fatal illness that is transmitted by direct contact with blood, bodily fluids, and tissues of infected animals or people. As of August 15, 2014 there have been 2,240 cases of Ebola and 1,229 deaths from Ebola in Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone. The difficulty in controlling the… [ More ]

Social Inequality & Health: Making Space for the Youth Voice

Happy International Youth Day! And, what better time to recognize and celebrate today’s generation of young people than alongside the recent release of the UN Sustainable Development Goals final proposal. As the largest generation of young people the world has ever seen, their vigor and verve to define and transform the future will be boundless…. [ More ]

1mCHW Campaign Partners on 2014 GET Health Summit!

This November, the One Million Community Health Worker (1mCHW) Campaign, in partnership with iHeed and other organizations, will support the Global Education and Technology (GET) Health Summit. The GET Health Summit will bring together a diverse group of stakeholders from the technology, education, and health sectors to discuss innovative solutions to the global shortage of… [ More ]

CHWs Around the World: Iran’s Behvarz

Community health is a global phenomenon. The One Million Community Health Workers (1mCHW) Campaign strives to improve access to health care in sub-Saharan Africa through assisting in the development of national community health programs. Although the Campaign focuses solely on community health workers (CHWs) within sub-Saharan Africa, other countries beyond this region of the world… [ More ]

Community Health Workers: On the frontlines in the fight against HIV/AIDS

This week in Melbourne, Australia, health and development experts from around the world are coming together at the 20th annual International AIDS Conference. The theme of this year’s conference is “Stepping up the Pace,” which focuses on the critical nature of the current global agenda and the importance of targeting HIV/AIDS in areas where “Key… [ More ]