One Million Community Health Workers

One Million Community Health Workers

Submitting Data: Operations Room Tutorial #1

So, you’re considering submitting data into our Operations Room (thank you!) but aren’t quite sure how to do that. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Today on our blog we are going to provide our partners with a brief tutorial on how to upload CHW data into the Campaign’s Operations Room. In case you… [ More ]

Honoring Community Health Workers Around the World With SamaHope

*This post originally appeared on SamaHope’s blog on April, 9th 2015* Honoring Community Health Workers Around the World Charlotte Brugman, Marketing & Partnerships at SamaHope Each year on April 7th, World Health Day is celebrated as the anniversary of the WHO, and a time to recognize important issues in global health. For the past two years, this… [ More ]

Achieving UHC by 2030: What does this mean?

Happy World Health Workers Week! This week the international community has united to show its love for health workers, and a common theme that has emerged this year is the importance of health workers in achieving universal health coverage (UHC). This is particularly relevant given that sustainable development goal (SDG) advocacy is in full-force as… [ More ]